Enrollment Benchmarks

Increased regulatory requirements, complex protocols, and a global patient population make clinical trial recruitment increasingly difficult to forecast and manage, and many trials fail to enroll enough patients to finish on time. Delays in enrollment completion affect regulatory approval submissions and, ultimately, product launch. And budget and cost overruns combined with launch delays can cost a company hundreds of millions of dollars. But now, with DecisionView StudyOptimizer and Enrollment Benchmarks, there’s a better, more accurate way to predict enrollment performance.  

DecisionView Enrollment Benchmarks

DecisionView Enrollment Benchmarks aggregate cross-industry performance data from clinical trials that have completed enrollment, providing valuable insight to help identify appropriate assumptions and enable more realistic planning and forecasting for similar studies. This information can be used to validate assumptions when planning for a specific study, or to benchmark enrollment performance across a portfolio of trials to determine areas for further operational improvements.

Enrollment Benchmarks are available to DecisionView StudyOptimizer customers who contribute their completed trial data, which is then aggregated and anonymized to ensure the confidentiality of sponsor studies. The breadth and depth of studies in the Enrollment Benchmarks data set will grow as participating sponsors complete additional studies, and as new contributors add their portfolios of completed trial data.


The benefits of DecisionView’s approach to aggregating enrollment benchmarks include:

  • Better Planning Assumptions - the rich set of clinical performance data informs and calibrates both initial clinical trial planning and trial rescue/recovery planning
  • Planning Data at the Point of Need - provides planning information at the point of need, in an easily-accessible format
  • Trusted Data - because the data is collected through and mapped to StudyOptimizer's data definitions, sponsors understand and trust how it is defined and gathered
  • Data on New Sites and Countries - provides benchmark information where sponsors have little or no prior experience, particularly for indications or countries where they have not previously run trials
  • Actionable Data for Study Teams - provides study teams, not just senior management, with a prospective capability to improve performance
  • Standardized Data - all data in the knowledgebase is mapped to StudyOptimizer’s standard data definitions, so that it is all comparable and normalized
  • Automated Data Capture - Enrollment Benchmark data is captured, validated, and aggregated automatically by StudyOptimizer, directly from our customers’ source systems
  • Critical Mass - pharmaceutical industry leaders including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Roche participate in Enrollment Benchmarks. The current data set contains thousands of clinical trials covering tens of thousands of sites and hundreds of thousands of patients
  • Predictive Insight - provides insight into trends and influences in the industry that will drive new additional predictive analytics in our DecisionView product offerings

For more information, please download our Datasheet.