SiteOptimizer is a web-based solution that helps clinical trial organizations improve the way they identify and assess their best-performing investigators and sites, and recruit them for future trials and trial rescue. The result - more high performing sites, fewer non-performing sites, and an improved ability to finish trials on time and on budget.

The Challenge of Site Selection

Getting the right results from a clinical trial starts with choosing high-performing investigative sites. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. The sad truth is that, in a given trial, 30 to 70 percent of sites will fail to deliver even a single patient. Not a sustainable business model.

In addition, without access to proper analytical tools and historical performance data, organizations often select the same poor performing sites and investigators over and over again.

As a result, study teams frequently have to take remedial action to “rescue” a trial and bring enrollment back on plan, wasting tremendous amounts of time and money.

Assessing and Selecting High Performance Investigators

What if it was possible to get a holistic view of the best performing sites your organization has worked with using real-world data - from historical performance on similar trials, to current workload, to target patient access, to data quality. With this level of insight, trial sponsors would be able to select better sites, and drive significant improvements in study outcomes. The benefits of this kind of approach would include a reduction in non-productive sites, shorter and more predictable enrollment timelines, an improved ability to achieve patient recruitment targets, and lower drug development costs.

DecisionView SiteOptimizer

DecisionView SiteOptimizer captures and analyzes historical enrollment performance of investigators and sites your organization has worked with in the past, to better identify, assess and recruit investigators during trial planning and trial rescue. With SiteOptimizer, clinical trial organizations can increase high performing sites and reduce non-performers by:

  • Selecting better investigators – based on real-world performance data -- that improve the ability to achieve trial timelines
  • Finding investigators with experience in the indication who’ve participated in the sponsoring organization’s trials
  • Reducing recruitment cycles by assessing current workload to determine if participating in the trial is feasible

Key Capabilities

  • Identify target regions and countries by patient availability and disease prevalence
  • Visualize investigator availability by indication and country
  • Compare potential sites based on performance and study experience
  • Weigh impact of competing trials and resource availability
  • View site quality and data entry metrics
  • Drag and drop top performers to create roster
  • Rank and select investigators by performance

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